Solar tunnel dryer

Suitable for drying different types of products such as fish, fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, coconut, cashew nut, etc. Our tunnel drier is sophisticated with highly transparent and durable polycarbonate sheet with superior design for maximum solar energy collection.This model is cost-effective.

Solar air heater based dryer

It is indirect drier consists of solar air heater and drier connected by a duct. Solar air heater is made up of selective coated Cu/Al absorber plate. Low thermal conductive insulation material is provided all over the sides and bottom of the absorber plate to suppress the heat loses. Highly transparent low iron tempered glass with 4-mm thickness is used as glazing material. This model is used for bulk drying. The drying process is accelerated by centrifugal/axial fans. Drying is faster compared to any other models. Superior quality products is expected as the material is completely protected from direct exposure to sunlight. The drying capacity varies from 100kg to a few tons.

Solar boxtype dryer

Suitable for product with high moisture content. Any type of products can be hygienically dried using this dryer.